The Idea
Grandpas are peculiar. They have funny habits, they tell the same stories over and over, and some of them have experienced something extraordinary. As our grandpas disappear, so do their stories. We have made this zine to celebrate them.

The Zine
The zine includes nine different grandpa stories with accompanying fold-out illustrations by the talented Agnes Florin, Andrea Andersson, Ella Moe (fd Johansson), Emma Carlisle, Hanna Konola, Hilda Grahnat, Klara Lindahl, Saga Bergebo and Sara Söderholm. Cover illustration by Linnea Paulsson.

Printing & Shipping
The zine is digitally printed and hand bound. We ship worldwide from Sweden. Pre-orders will be shipped 1-2 weeks after February 29.

Behind It All
This project was initiated and produced by Saga Bergebo, Hilda Grahnat and Linnea Paulsson.